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See Again procedure

Dry ARMD accounts for 90% of sufferers and previous to this procedure nothing could be done to improve vision. Wet ARMD can be stabilised by injections into the eyes although scarring may occur which can impair vision. This procedure can help both ‘dry’ and established ‘wet’ forms of ARMD. It can also help in patients with macular holes, myopic degeneration and hereditary retinal diseases e.g. Stargardt’s, Best’s.

Basic procedure:

The natural lens is removed as in a normal cataract procedure and two lenses are placed in the eye to magnify and divert the image to the unscarred area. The brain locates the new area of activity and interprets the images as would a healthy eye. As the brain adjusts, the quality of vision greatly improves over a period of 30 days. The procedure takes around 30-40 minutes and can be under a local or general anaesthetic.


Please feel free to download our Operation Factsheets by clicking on the links below. They are in PDF format:



Some patients have enquired about the procedure and why it is not available on the NHS.
We hope that the following explains the present position.

NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) have a system for advising on new procedures. In the case of the Lens implant this comes under IPG, Interventional Procedure Guidance. The procedure has a number, IPG 272 and below is an extract from the NICE website:

The NICE findings on the procedure and subsequent recommendation acknowledge the cost problems and in IPG 272 quote:

"The guidance does not cover whether or not the NHS should fund the procedure. The local NHS bodies (P.C.T’s and Hospital Trusts) have to see that it represents value to the NHS."

Our understanding is that the procedure is available on the NHS given that the local Trust sees that it represents value as an operation.


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