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Thank you for taking the trouble to investigate our volunteer programme.

If you are a sufferer please take advantage of the font size increase by clicking on the large A in the top hand corner of the page.

Introduction to the Programme.
We are looking for a number of people who have differing degrees of visual impairment due to Macular Degeneration.

The selected individuals will take part in an Eccentric Fixation training programme that trains the brain to recognise images on a screen and over the period of the programme the training software will recognise if the participant has improved their speed of reaction and awareness.

The programme results will enable our team at See Again to deduce how long the average ARMD sufferer takes to improve their visual dexterity.

The programme duration is 30 days and takes 15 minutes a day.

The software is dedicated and can only be used by one person in the home environment.

Multiple software programmes are available for care home and Macular Clubs with up to 5 individuals per programme.

To get the most accurate results we ask that the tasks are completed in one sitting each consecutive day for the period of the programme.

Requirements for home programme:
- Computer
- Internet connectivity (preferably broadband)
- Mouse and mouse mat
- Quiet non disturbed period of 15 minutes per day.

Group programme:

- Maximum 5 seats logged on individually
- C drive for disk
- No requirement for internet connectivity.

In the group programme the disk will be returned to See Again.

All information and personal details will only be used by See Again.

Please fill in email form below or print off and post to See Again or call us on: 0871 226 8895 and a member of our team will take your details and answer any questions that you may have.

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*  Do you have or have you ever had a reaction to flashing lights or strobes?

*  Do you suffer from arthritis, would this impair your ability in using a mouse?

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(Terms and Conditions apply. Successful applicants will receive full details)

To have an assessment of whether this procedure would benefit you, please contact us by email: and we will make an appointment for you to your nearest See Again assessment qualified optician/optometrist.